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Whether you want to import supplies or export products to profitable international markets, you need reliable global trade data. The import-export field is complex and a high-risk investment. Businesses have lost millions of dollars when not employing a sound strategy based on real-world data. Accurate data helps you identify opportunities, study global market trends, and find ways to expand your business into international waters with confidence. At Trade Mining, we make this possible by providing reliable US import-export data.

Why Choose Us for Global Sourcing?

Founded in 2006, Trade Mining is the leading Software as a Service (SaaS) provider in the U.S. market for international trade data.

Trade Mining develops sophisticated, proprietary machine learning algorithms to transform unstructured shipment records into clean and valuable data. Our primary focus is delivering the precise data our clients require to make critical business decisions.

We obtain U.S. Ocean Data from the Automated Manifest System (AMS), directly sourced from the bills of lading filed by ocean carriers with U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP). Trade Mining receives this data within a mere 24 hours after it is filed with CBP.

This eliminates concerns about inaccurate records, data corruption, or untimely information. Utilizing unreliable data can have disastrous consequences, particularly in marketing and product development. Successful companies ensure their information originates from a reputable and industry-leading source.

As a well-established company, we guarantee that our global sourcing strategies enable clients to efficiently and effectively obtain their data.

Our User-Friendly Interface for Accessing Global Trade Data

Trade Mining customers utilize our exclusive, customizable web-based interface and analytical tools, simplifying trade data research. Our platform enables efficient prospecting, sourcing strategies, and global marketing. Our clients are liberated from the constraints of poorly scanned forms, corrupted data sets, and missing information. All details are meticulously recorded, classified by our machine learning AI, and delivered through a user-friendly, customizable interface

Affordable Access to Global Trade Data

We understand the challenges businesses face in finding reliable and cost-effective vendors. Many companies charge exorbitant fees and offer limited access to crucial data. Our objective is to make this information as accessible as possible, particularly for small businesses aiming to introduce new products or explore new markets.

Trade Mining provides the best value in U.S. trade data: offering seamless functionality, professional support, all at a reasonable price. Our team goes above and beyond to meet our clients' requirements and financial strategies through the development of custom solutions.

If you would like to learn more about our services or the reliability of our international trade data, please do not hesitate to contact Trade Mining. You can also request a live demo clicking on “Request a free Demo” below.