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The modern business environment is highly competitive. Brands only succeed if they have solid data and strong business strategies. At Trade Mining, we understand just how difficult it is to find authentic import data. Many sources available online are either outdated or unreliable. Using information from such sources can have a big impact on your business health.

What Trade Mining Does

Trade Mining is an import database containing millions of incredibly valuable records from U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Our content is searchable, cleansed, and validated, for fast and easy use.

Shipping Documents, Overseas Sellers, U.S. Buyers, and Cargo Details are available for all maritime inbound shipments. This import-export data can help you optimize your business and change marketing strategies effectively.

The Benefits of Trade Mining Trade Data

There are millions of products imported to the US every day. Most entities don’t go through the hassle of importing items unless they are in demand. That’s why trade data is important because it offers valuable insight into what’s actually in demand. Through our services, you can:

1. Identify UNKNOWN domestic & foreign competitors

Every business has competitors, regardless of what their product or service is. Knowing your competitors can help you refine your business and ensure you’re not losing ground to unknown competitors.

For example, you can identify whether you have strong competitors like companies based in China for your brand by analyzing the records available on our platform.

2. Find & qualify suppliers quickly using real information

Many businesses require good-quality but reasonably-priced supplies. The cost of supplies influences your bottom line and how much profit you can make. Businesses are constantly on the hunt for affordable supplies without having to compromise quality.

Import data can help you find these suppliers. You can look at companies your competitors are importing from, study the resultant products, and create a list of reliable companies to contact. This is an evidence-backed way to find supplies.

3. See who else buys from your overseas suppliers

Are your competitors sourcing products from the same suppliers? Are they selling more products than you are? Sometimes comparing this kind of data can help businesses identify weaknesses in their processes, which can help with optimization.

If your competitors are sourcing products from the same suppliers but are more successful than you, there’s an urgent need for better marketing solutions.

4. Monitor global purchasing trends of your industry

The world is getting smaller, and modern consumers are more willing to purchase products from different countries. If you want your business to grow, consider studying trade data to understand global purchasing trends.

You can see where most of your target customers are, find prospective profitable markets, and then expand your company based on the information.

5. Get products competitors already have that you want

Have your competitors introduced new and interesting products? Are they selling affordable, good-quality Japanese auto parts? Have they introduced beautiful and eco-friendly Indian fabrics? Have your competitors changed the country of manufacturer, to save on increasing Trade Tariffs?

You can study the list of products imported to the US and decide how to expand your inventory.

Measure and track your product supply & demand with our import-export data. This can help you optimize your business and earn more profits.